A small big project; field Goldens 2010-2017



Below text is added in Jan 2020 as a consequence of someone feeling the list of the included 59 breeders was not ok:

As it seems some breeders were offended by my categorisation and naming of kennels, I have chosen to remove the list of breeders included in my statistics and analysis. Instead, readers will now have to guess what 59 breeders I include and count as breeding on ”mainly working lines”. In my opinion – the summarisation and sharing could be a learning for us all – especially since I never mention any breeder names connected to figures. But as it seems to offend a few persons, I will go back to sit on the list myself.

My intention was never to make someone look bad (and no-one could claim they were either, as I never gave away any names). I will keep on reporting figures and I will sit on all the calculations, statistics and analysis myself. I will continue to do the work and publish the figures – since I do it for the love of the breed and not to make someone else happy/angry or to make anyone look good or bad. However, you will not be able to see which kennels I include.

But – to those of you who have shown appreciation of my work by liking, sharing and asking for more: thank you!


As new in the breeding world, I have realized that even if I have lots of knowledge and experience in the dog training area – I have plenty to learn about genetics, canine biology, and reproduction and specifically I want to deepen my knowledge about the Golden Retriever and the work they are meant to do. I love the breed –– I would even say that I am passionate and a bit obsessed about it ;). And I truly enjoy the work the golden was created to do and, to me, that’s the very basics to start breeding any dog breed.

Ever since I decided to start up my own breeding I have done my best to learn and develop myself within the area of breeding and of the breed of my choice. Since 2014, I have taken the Swedish kennel Club’s breeder education, different classes in canine biology and I have read lots of books and articles. I took the hunter’s training and only have the shooting left to pass before I can shoot for my own dogs – which is a big dream for me! In addition, I have taken the training to become a secretary at working tests and field trials for the Swedish Spaniel and Retriever Club and is helping out when I can and am asked to do so.

Practically, I am participating in practical hunting and working tests with my dog. I am giving classes in foundations for the retrieving dog to learn to train different dogs and adapt my methods and I do so with a colleague with a long history of practical use of the retriever in the field. It is very developing for me in many ways. I had my first litter and got myself a mentor to support me. That experience alone gave a lot as well.

Last summer, I felt that I needed to dig in to the breed even more; the lines, the types and the pedigrees. I started up a small personal project to learn about the Swedish field Golden retriever lines and have since then gone through all litters of field Golden retrievers in Sweden since 2010 and created a HUGE excel file with different sheets and formulas. Let me say like this; it was a very interesting exercise and I have learned a lot along the way.

I intend to continue my Excel-sheet and follow up our breeding as we move into the future. I also intend to share my findings with you as I blog about different topics. But I have gone through 54 different breeders (all have had at least 1 litter since 2010), 228 litters, 111 sires and 142 dams. During 2010-2017 1490 puppies were born, out of which 786 were male and 704 were female.

I have utilised information in SKK Hunddata, SKK Avelsdata and Rasdata. I will NOT name any breeder in relation to any finding – the material I have created is just for my own learning and NOT to make anyone look good or bad. But I have spent SO much time with this – I think it’s a shame not to share it with those of you who are interested!

Is there anything in specific you are curious about 🙂 ;)?