”Precious”-litter week 5 and 6

Week 5 to 7 are weeks characterised by curiosity adn is in many ways crucial for the puppies’ brain development. This is the time when they are most curious and willing to approach people. At the same time – these are also the weeks when their natural fearfulness is starting to be shaped by their environment. The increase of that fearfulness is a gradual process, which means that now is the time to make sure the puppies experience different sights, sounds and people. It is also a good a idea to add new toys and experiences. All the effort the breeder put in will have a major influence on how well balanced the puppy will be as adult.

The past two weeks the puppies have experienced a lot of new things, such as:

Toys: balls of different sizes and shapes, pplush toys making duck and turkey sounds, fleece braids, tug toys, rattling toys, large toys, small toys, toys of different materials

Environments: Outdoor puppy pen, different areas of our garden, short car ride, pine forest with moss and sticks, investigated the entire house

Surfaces: Plastic floor, hardwood floor, carpets of different kinds, plastic stichy door mat, moving Surface, thin plastic, cardboard, metal tray

Sounds: Animals, big city, thunder, fireworks, music of different genres, vacuum cleaner, my dogs Barking and growling, TV, me cooking, children’s playground

People: Tall person, short person, bearded person, person with glasses, females, males, young persons, elderly persons, small children, loud persons. Not to forget that each persons handles the puppies in different ways,

Dogs: been Walking around among my 4 grown up dogs, playing with a 1,5 year old male golden retriever

Alone time: Spent alone time by walking around investigating the entire ground floor, with mum in the garden,  with me and my dogs snuggling in the sofa, playing with my other dogs, checking the garden out


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