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Copper’s Sparkling Fix you Hope

Född: 2019-03-25
E: Gaytonwood Mull
U: Clever Forever Emotional Minnie Dinkie Die

ED: 0/0

Öga: UA, 2022-10-26

DNA-testad fri (Laboklin):

About Hope:
”Hope is such a sweet girl. She is kind to all people, children and other dogs. She is super easy to bring along to every dinner or family gathering as she just fits right in. She has an excellent off-button indoors, she is either relaxing or sleeping or she is very good at entertaining herself. She finds it easy to shift between the forest at home, the city or the dog club. She is fine with elevators, bridges, hotels and whatever adventures I take her on. The veterinarian loves her – she is kind and easy to handle.

Hope is a pleasure to train. She is super engaged and intense. She has a LOT of speed, but she has the lovely balance of not loosing her nose and head. She has a lot of drive in her hunting and has been spontaneous on all game (birds and rabbits) since I picked her up. She loves water and happily throws herself into the water and enjoys swimming a lot. She is a good marker and covers a lot of ground when searching.

She is excellent at tracking and uses her nose extremely well. That also makes her search work very efficient and she next to never misses a bird. She is very thorough in her work and I can trust her completely while tracking. I also train her in competitive obedience, and she is doing very well there as well. She certainly has the speed, intensity and explosivity needed for competitive obedience as well.”

Beautiful Browning v.d. Usseleres

Född: 2018-05-24
E: Catcombe Capercaillie
U: Tealcreek Miss Topsy Turvy

ED: 0/0

Öga: Clear, Jan 2023

DNA-testad fri (Laboklin):

About Browning:
”We do a lot of hunting with Browning and also every week dummy training. Mainly we have him for hunting. We do a lot of hare hunting, but also doves, pheasants and crows and sometimes we practice blood trails with him. He is a very intelligent dog with a lot of passion for working. The will to please is very big. He is also a very sweet dog and social to other dogs. His needs his exercise on the daily basis and then he is a perfect house dog. He loves to be around you and likes to cuddle a lot.”