My Promise

This is my promise to you – my current and future four-legged friends.

I promise that when I took you into my home, it became as much yours as mine. You will never have to feel you are in the way or that any area of our home is forbidden for you.

I promise I will listen to you. Everyday of your life – I will listen to what you have  to tell me. I will not ignore you and I will respond to what you say. If I don’t understand what you are telling me, I promise I will learn by reading or  by asking someone to support me. I promise I will not just let it be.

I promise I will make your life worth living. I promise that I will take you to fun and exciting places. I will play with you. I will snuggle with you everyday. And I promise I will let you get as much exercise as you need. I will make sure you get to enjoy yummy food and bones.


I promise I will let you do what you want to and carefully make sure it’s your choice as well – not only mine. I will help and support you in doing what you need to do in a safe and acceptable way – be it digging, hunting, swimming, chewing or anything else. I promise I will not let you sleep your life away.

I promise I will never force you into doing something you do not want to do. I will never trick you into something scary or uncomfortable. I will never make fun of you or entertain myself by making a fool out of you.

I promise I will never use painful or harmful equipment or methods to enforce my will. Instead I will teach you what I need you to do. I will not make you do tricks that can have a negative effect on your body. I promise I will not intimidate you into doing anything. You and I – we are a team and we need to work together.

I promise I will never leave you – no matter if I change job, have to move or have a child.  I promise I will not abandon you when you get old, if your are not performing in competitons, if you get sick or if you do something stupid. I will always have your back. You are family to me.

I promise I will always protect you. I will always stand up for you – no matter how uncomfortable I feel. I promise I will be your advocate and speak for you when you need me to. You are never alone and I will never let you down.

If, heaven forbid, you get really sick – I promise I will spend my very last penny to help you and give you the care you need. If something happens which makes you feel unsafe and insecure, I will help you overcome that fear. You are my family – in good and bad.


I promise I will be grateful that I do get to see you grow old, and not get irritated by you, when you need more time during our walks. I promise I will remember that you have given me your best years and that I, too, will grow old one day.

I promise I will be right by your side, through your life, until the very end. When the end comes – I will hold your paw and stroke you calmly, so you don’t have to be afraid when you have to cross that rainbow bridge. And when you do – you will take a piece of my heart with you.

This is my promise to you.

I Love you.

Forever and for Always.

© Ulrika Bevreus